Grade 8 Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

1st Trimester
Religion - Becoming the Person God Created You To Be: Leader in Me Review
- Mystery of the Church: Images & Models of the Church, Salvation History, Prayer, & Service
- Social Justice: Family Life
Literature - Launching Reading & Writing & Benchmark Assessments: Vocabulary is Explicitly Taught Throughout the Year - Pronunciation, Parts of Speech, How to Use the Words in Their Writing
- Short Stories; Elements of Literature Applied to Independent Reading
- Critical Literacy Unit of Study: Critically Analyzing Contemporary Literature
English - Free Write Writing Prompts; Exploring Writing in Different Genres
- Free Write Writing Prompts/Sentence Structures & Types of Sentences/Revising for Structure; Comma Rules; Clauses vs Phrases
- Narrative Writing Unit of Study: Exploring Author's Craft & Theme
- Grammar: Verbals (Participles, Gerunds, & Infinitives)
Math - Transformations
- Line & Angle Relationships
- Solving & Graphing Linear Equations
Science - Thermal Energy/Heat
- Periodic Table of Elements
- Chemical Reactions (Bio-chem)
Social Studies - Thinking Like an Historian
- Prehistory & Early Settlements of North America
- Life in Colonial America
2nd Trimester
Religion - Marks of the Church: One; Holy; Catholic; Apostolic
- Chastity & Marriage: Family Life
- Confirmation
Literature - Independent Reading Workshop, Applying Skills Learned in Critical Literacy Unit of Study
- Historical Fiction Unit of Study: Analyzing How Setting Impacts Plot & Characters; Exploring How Different Times in History Impacted People's Actions & Beliefs; Mid-year Benchmark Assessments of Targets Students
English - Free Write Writing Prompts; Subject-verb Agreement & Pronoun-antecedent Agreement
- Argument Unit of Study: The Art of Argument
- Grammar: Subject-Verb Core with Left & Right-Branching
Math - Introduction to Functions
- Systems of Linear Equations
- The Real Number System
Science - Types of Energy
- Structures & Principles of Matter
Social Studies - The American Revolution
- The Constitution
- Westward Expansion
3rd Trimester
Religion - Church History
- Witness of the Church: Living Christian Life
Literature - Independent Reading Workshop, Exploring Different Methods of Note-taking for Literature, Reinforcing Skills Learned in the Two Units of Study
- Dystopian Unit of Study: Analyzing Foreshadowing; How Science Fiction Mirrors Real Life; Character Traits
- Fiction & Nonfiction Study of Various Genocides
English - Writing Prompts- Reinforcing Skills Learned Throughout the Units of Study and Grammar Lessons
- Informative Writing Unit of Study: Investigative Journalism
- Grammar: Verb Tenses
- Public Speaking; Creating & Delivering Speeches
Math - Pythagorean Theorem
- Laws of Exponents & Scientific Notation
- Volume & Surface Area of 3 Dimensional Shapes
Science - Forces & Interactions
- Newton's Laws
- Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation
Social Studies - The Civil War
- The Industrial Age
- The Progressive Era & Rise to World Power

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