Our new Lunch Program ready for use. The program is through EZ School. You will be able to order lunches for your child(ren) the day of and in in advance. If you are ordering the same day it will have to be done by 8:30 am. The ordering system shuts down at 8:30 am. You will no longer send money to school for day of lunch orders. All lunch orders will go through the EZ School website.

(This will also go for the "day of" grilled cheese and corn dogs). You will no longer be limited to grilled cheese or corn dogs on day of orders; you can also order the main entree of that day.

Click HERE for the EZ School Lunch website.

How it Works...

You create an account by going to the website. You will enter the school name, your child(ren) and your information. You can pay by credit card through the website (there is a convenience fee for paying by credit card). Once you enter your credit card information you will go to Meal Payment tab and you can add money to your account.

You can add any amount you would like, the drop down goes up to $200 but there is an option to add your own amount on the right. You only have to add money to one child's account and then go back and transfer the fund among your other children.

Click HERE to download a pdf file that you can reference which will walk you through setting up your credit card information and ordering. You will also still be able to pay by check or cash (we are not responsible for lost cash payments) by sending it to school and we will enter that amount into your account.

Your account will have a money balance for each child based on what amount you want to deposit. We are also able to transfer funds from one child to another if one child's account is low on funds. Each day that your child get lunch, that amount will be deducted from your funds available for that child.

You can still order your lunches in advance as you have in the past and this is encouraged. It is helpful to us to know how much food to order. All hot lunches will come with the entree, two sides and a drink.

You will also be able to do "drink only" orders. The set up is a little different so please pay close attention to ordering so you're not doubling up on drinks.

Please note:  We are still working through some thing on the back end. Currently only the mother's email is linked to the account. We are working on a way for the father's email to be linked too without having to go through every child's account and link them one by one. For now, please use the mother's email address that was used when the account was set-up.

Keep in mind that there are always challenges with implementing a new system. If you are experiencing problems or have questions, please email

Questions/comments/lunch ideas can be sent to:, or for immediate assistance during school hours, call the school office at 314-353-1229.


Lunch Hours

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
10:30 am
2nd & 3rd Grade
11:00 am
4th & 5th Grade
11:25 am
6th, 7th & 8th Grade
11:50 am


What if my Child had Food Allergies?

We do not handle any peanut/nut products in the kitchen. We do not order items that knowingly have nuts in them. However, you, as the parent, are the best protector of your child. If you have questions regarding the ingredients in our products, please email us at

It would be helpful to know if your child has a non-nut food allergy: beans, peas, apples. Just email us and we will not serve your child those items.

How Healthy is Your Food?

We try to keep the menu as healthy as possible. Everything is made fresh at the school. With the exception of the toasted ravioli, nothing is fried.