Ordering will be done online on a Google Form every 3 - 4 weeks and we require one order form per child. Payments will still need to be paid with a check or cash made payable to Chris' Pancake and sent to school in a marked envelope. Only one check per family is necessary. Payments must be received within 4 days after your order is placed.

*If you do not receive your confirmation email after you have placed your order, please check your Spam folder. Also be sure to add "Google Forms" to your safe senders list. 

Questions/comments/lunch ideas can be sent to:, or for immediate assistance during school hours, call the school office at 314-353-1229.


Lunch Hours

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
10:30 am
2nd & 3rd Grade
11:00 am
4th & 5th Grade
11:25 am
6th, 7th & 8th Grade
11:50 am

Click HERE for Lunch Order Form for October 3 - October 28

*Form is due by September 24 at 4 pm


Click HERE for Lunch Menu for October 2022


Individual drinks can be pre-ordered on the menu or purchased daily. ($.60 each). Students have a choice of low-fat white milk, low-fat chocolate milk, 100% juice.



Grilled cheese or corn dog lunch is available daily ($5.00 cash/check) and can be purchased "day-of." Students must notify their homeroom teacher if they are purchasing a "day-of" grilled cheese or corn dog lunch. They do not need to tell the teacher if this was pre-ordered.

What if my child is Absent?

If your child is absent, you may receive a lunch credit to the be used the following month. All credits should be used by the following month of the absence. You are responsible to keep track of the credits and subtract that amount from the next month’s total. (Please note the day of the absence when taking the credit.)

What if my child forgets his/her lunch?

If a child forgets his lunch, crackers or cheese sticks will be provided.

What if my Child had Food Allergies?

We do not handle any peanut/nut products in the kitchen. We do not order items that knowingly have nuts in them. However, you, as the parent, are the best protector of your child. If you have questions regarding the ingredients in our products, please email us at

It would be helpful to know if your child has a non-nut food allergy: beans, peas, apples. Just email or mark the menu. We will not serve your child those items.

How Healthy is Your Food?

We try to keep the menu as healthy as possible. Everything is made fresh at the school. With the exception of the toasted ravioli, nothing is fried.