Online Registration Instructions

New families wishing to register their child(ren) will need to start the registration process by filling out a pre-registration form. The link to that form can be found on the New Family Apply On-Line page.

Current families:  If you are a current family with an incoming student, you must pre-register the new incoming student and wait for approval before registering your current student(s).

*Please note that you will need to use a laptop or computer for registration, the mobile app does not display the registration process.

Online Application Form

Here you will go through a short three step question/answer application, which will provide basic student and contact information so that a record can be created in our new system (TeacherEase). Once you select Confirm and Submit on the last screen, notification of a new family registration request is sent to the school.

The school will then review the information submitted and approve or deny the application. If the application is approved, the student’s TeacherEase account is automatically created, and an email with a link to create a password for TeacherEase will be sent to custodial guardians. Denied applications will also receive an email explaining their application was not approved.

In the approval email will be the link that will take you to your own login page. On the login page, you will be prompted to create a password for your account. Once you have created your password, you will be taken to the Online Registration screen where you can complete your child’s online registration. 

*Please note:  If you are not immediately directed to the Online Registration page, access it by going to Miscellaneous Online Registration. If you do not see your child’s name listed, contact the school.

Follow the steps below to complete registration:

  1. Click on Continue registering existing students 
  2. Click on Complete Form next to each child.
  3. Download and review any additional documents.
  4. Pay the Registration Fee(s) *A Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $150.00 per child must be received before the registration is considered complete. 
  5. Once you have finished and submitted your online registration, the school will review your information and approve the application.

You will see the two registration options. Make sure to select the second option to register existing students in your family (your child(ren)’s name will be listed below the second option).

Note: The information you input for your new child in the original three step application creates a record within the system, therefore he/she is now listed as an existing student.

When filling out the online registration form, please note that any field with an asterisk is mandatory and will not let you move forward until that information is provided.

Please note: On the last tab of the Online Registration form, after you have chosen your form of payment for the registration fee, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. Submit the form for each child you are registering. 

Once you have finished the online registration and hit the submit button you will see “Complete” next to your child(ren)’s name.

Your next screen is where you will see that you can download the informational documents AND pay your registration fee(s). See screenshot below. 

Be aware that the following documents will be required before the start of the school year.

  • Copy of the student’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of the student’s Baptismal Certificate; First Communion Certificate; and Confirmation Certificate as applicable
  • Updated Immunization Record
  • Transcripts from previous school(s) as applicable
  • Standardized Test scores from previous school(s) as applicable
  • Any special needs evaluations, diagnostic reports and current accommodations from all previous schools as applicable
  • In Divorce cases – verification of custody arrangements to be provided

You will receive additional forms that require a signature in the mail. These will need to be returned to the school office.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you have any questions. 314.353.1229 or email

Thank you for choosing St. Gabriel the Archangel.