Peanut/Tree Nut and Other Food Allergies

(Note:  this policy is subject to changes in cafeteria use, and other policies may temporarily supersede.)

As the prevalence of peanut, tree nut and other food allergies has increased, St. Gabriel the Archangel School has adopted a "nut & allergen aware" policy to support the safety of our students. This policy is consistent with best practice medical recommendations.

In a "nut aware" environment, high allergen (peanut, tree nut) foods are allowed in the cafeteria, but are to be avoided as much as possible in individual classrooms. Please do not send snacks containing peanuts or tree nuts with your child. These items can be sent for lunch.

All students with known allergies MUST have an allergy action plan from a physician and all appropriate medications on file in the nurse's office at all times. Faculty and staff will receive regular education on food allergies, on the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and the use of epinephrine auto-injectors, and on emergency procedures. In case of an emergency, all classrooms are equipped with phones with 911 access. Exposure to allergens will be minimized as much as possible, but cannot be guaranteed. Families of children with food allergies should continue to teach precautions with their children. Our school nurse is available with assistance on working with individual children.

The following are the cafeteria guidelines:

1)  A nut free table is available for all students with peanut, tree nut and other food allergies. All students eating at this table should have a lunch that is peanut and tree nut free.

2)  The student with the allergy may invite one friend to eat with him or her for the whole week. The parent of the child with the allergy should be in communication with the friend's parents as to what is appropriate food for them to have at the nut free table. The parent should be in contact with the homeroom teacher as to which friend will be at the table for the week. If these steps are not followed, the school may disallow the friend at the table to ensure the safety of the other students sitting at the nut free table.

3)  There is a separate bucket and washcloth for this table with which to be cleaned during lunch.

4)  A basket will be available for the students in which to put their lunch boxes to keep them separate from others.

5)  All students are instructed to eat the food that they have either brought from home or purchased in the cafeteria; no food swapping.

Modifications to guidelines during the school day may be allowed in limited circumstances, and any modification must be contained within a student's allergy action plan and made in agreement with parents, the school nurse, and the administration.