St. Gabriel School

St. Gabriel the Archangel SchoolSeeks to Provide Excellence in Elementary Education.

We strive to enrich our students spiritually & academically so they will be, like our patron saint, messengers of the Good News wherever they go.


Core Curriculum

Math, Science, Language Arts, Phonics, English, Reading, Spelling, Religion, and Social Studies round out a solid core curriculum at St. Gabriel. A year-at-a-glance overview of each grade level’s and each specialty course’s curriculum is included below:


The overall goal of the STEM program is to ensure that the students become STEM literate. This means that students can:

  • critically analyze problems
  • reason abstractly
  • adapt to new situations
  • effectively communicate
  • use technology
  • persevere
  • work collaboratively and creatively

When the students are STEM literate, they will be able to be contributing members of society in the 21st century.
Acceptable Use Policy


St. Gabriel’s music education program exposes students to music theory and history, fosters an appreciation of different musical genres and aims to increase cognitive development at the elementary education level. Every academic year features a new musical theme. Instrument instruction and use of classroom technology further propels St. Gabriel’s music program. Participation in the Archdiocesan Song Festival, Metro District 8, and St. Louis Symphony programs, and field trips. Classwork culminates in St. Gabriel’s standing-room only Winter and Spring vocal concert performances. Come hear what we’ve learned!


Exposure to a variety of media at each grade level including ceramics, wire, printmaking, charcoal, pastels, and painting. Student Art Fairs are in January (K–4) and April/May (5–8).

Physical Education

Focus on exercise, healthy living, and team games. Other activities include Jump Rope for Heart, Read/Right/Run, the Presidential Fitness Challenge, and an Annual Field Day.