TeacherEase Parent Guide







What's TeacherEase?

TeacherEase is St. Gabriel's student information system. It is used to help manage student data, track grades, attendance, and help with communication.

Parents will be able to use TeacherEase to:

  • Better understand your child's academic progress and growth
  • View your child's report card at the end of each trimester
  • Email your child's teachers directly
  • View essential information such as:
    • Assignments
    • Attendance record
    • News Feed announcements and recent events

Parent accounts are automatically created when they register their child(ren) using our online registration. 



In a browser, navigate to the URL www.TeacherEase.com

  • TeacherEase will work on many browsers including Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
  • The parent portal is mobile-friendly and can be accessed through the browser of your mobile device, or by downloading the iOS app in the Apple App Store or the android app in the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the login button on the top right of the screen
  • Enter your email address, which serves as your username, and your password

*If you do not know your password, use the "Forgot Password" link to send an automated email to your inbox with instructions for setting your password.

Setting Account Information

The first time you log into the site you will be prompted to verify your account information. This information can be accessed in the future by navigating to Miscellaneous (top menu bar) and selecting "Update Password/Profile" form the drop-down.


Navigating TeacherEase

Once you are logged in, you should see the "Parent Main" page. The quick links on the left will help you navigate the more common areas of the parent portal. All areas of the site are accessible from the menu items at the top of the page.

News Feed

Through the news feed you can immediately see announcements, assignments due, and recent events. The "this week" column on the right hand side displays assignments due during the current week.

Switching Between Students

If you have multiple students enrolled, you can switch between them by clicking on the silhouette in the upper-right of the main page. A drop-down will appear, from which you can choose your child.


Adjusting Your Communication Settings

  1. From your TeacherEase main page go to Miscellaneous > Notification Settings. Mobile App users go to More > Notification Settings
  2. Use the sliders to select which notifications you want to receive.
  3. Here, you can customize your communication preferences:
  • Can TeacherEase send me messages?
    • If you would prefer not to receive messages via TeacherEase, you can shut this feature off completely.
      • Note: This is not recommended. Emergency alerts will still come through.
  • Messages from Staff
    • Control how you receive messages from staff about your child(ren)
    • Email (this will come to the email address you use to log into TeacherEase)
    • App Notifications
    • Text Message
    • Voice Call
  • Announcements:  School Closure
  • Automatic Notifications
    • TeacherEase can send automatic notifications for the following:
      • Grade Updates
      • Missing Work
      • New Assignments
      • Student Absence
  • Do Not Disturb
    • Set the hours that you don't want to be notified and all alerts will be delayed during those times.
  • Primary Language

Don't forget to save your changes!