St. Gabriel School

St. Gabriel the Archangel SchoolSeeks to Provide Excellence in Elementary Education.

We strive to enrich our students spiritually & academically so they will be, like our patron saint, messengers of the Good News wherever they go.


  • Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of student’s baptismal certificate, first communion certificate and confirmation certificate as applicable
  • Updated immunization record and physical form (completed in the last year)
  • Transcripts from previous school, as applicable
  • Standardized test scores from all previous schools, as applicable
  • Any special needs evaluations, diagnostic reports and current accommodations from all previous schools
  • In divorce cases; verification of custody arrangements
  • Registration fee; required and non-refundable
  • Signed copy of the tuition option form
  • Signed copy of the parent witness statement

Requirements for Admission (4102.1) to an Elementary School From the Archdiocese

Catholic schools are unique expressions of the Church's effort to achieve the purposes of Catholic education among the young. Academic excellence and a disciplined formation will always be the desired goals of the Catholic school. Central to the school, however, is the understanding of the Catholic tradition and growth in faith. Parents wishing to enroll their children in a Catholic school must understand and agree to the purposes of Catholic schools.

Admission to a Catholic elementary school at any point of entry is contingent upon:

1.  the family's desire for this special kind of school where Catholic teaching and moral formation are an integral part of the school; (Non-Catholic families must give the same assurance that they understand the religious requirements and expectations of attending a Catholic school). Evidence of any family's desire to be a part of this type of school includes:

a. participation in the spiritual and social life of the parish or religious congregation;

b. support of the concepts upheld in the Witness Statement

c. agreement to follow the policies and procedures of the school;

d. willingness to cooperate with the teachers and administration in the moral, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and academic development of their children.

2.  the child's fulfillment of the age requirements listed below:

a. for admission to kindergarten, the child should be five years of age before August 1;

b. for admission to the first grade, the child should be six years of age before August 1.