Grade 6 Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

1st Trimester
Religion - God Reveals Plan of Love
- God Forms a Family of Faith
Language Arts: Literature - UoS: Getting Back into Independent Reading
- Narrative/Realistic Fiction
- Novel: Wonder
- UoS: Deep Study of Character
Language Arts: Writing - UoS: Restarting a Writing Life
- UoS: Narrative Writing
- Grammar & Mechanics
Math - Factors & Area
- Positive Rational Numbers
- Decimals & Volume
- Ratios, Percents, Unit Rates & Conversions
Science - MySci Module #8: Energy & Matter in Ecosystems
Social Studies - Early Humans
- Ag. Revolution
- Mesopotamia
- Ancient Egypt/Kush
2nd Trimester
Religion - God Guides the Chosen People
- God Leads the Chosen People
Language Arts: Literature - Historical Fiction Novel: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
- UoS: Tapping the Power of Non Fiction
Language Arts: Writing - UoS: Research Based Informational Writing
- Grammar & Mechanics
Math - Expressions, Equations, Unit Rates & Conversions
Science - MySci Module #12: Geologic Time/History of the Earth
Social Studies - Ancient Greeks/Greek Civilization
- Ancient India
3rd Trimester
Religion - Family Life
- Prophets Prepare the Lord's Way
Language Arts: Literature - Poetry or Greek Mythology
- UoS: Social Issues: Book Clubs
- Optional: Science Fiction Novel: Wrinkle in Time
Language Arts: Writing - UoS: Literary Essay (Opinion Writing)
- Grammer Mechanics
- Optional: UoS: Realistic Fiction Writing
Math - Signed Numbers
- The Four Quadrants
- The Statistical Process
- Numerical Summeries of Data
Science - MySci Module #13: Earth Cycles
Social Studies - Early China
- Roman Empire/Civilization
- Islamic Civilization
- Civilizations of Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia

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