Grade 2 Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

1st Trimester
Religion - Jesus Christ is With Us Always
- Jesus Calls Us to Penance
Reading Units of Study - Second-Grade Reading Growth Spurt
- Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction
Writing Units of Study - Lessons From the Masters: Improving Narrative Writing
- The How-To Guide for Nonfiction Writing
Phonics Units of Study - Growing into Second-Grade Phonics
- Big Words Take Big Resolve: Tackling Multisyllabic Words
Math - Unit 1: Figure the Facts
- Unit 2: Place Value & Measurement with Jack's Beanstalks
- Unit 3: Addition & Subtraction Within One Hundred
Science - Wind & Water Changes the Earth
Social Studies - Continents, Oceans
- Maps & Map Skills
Leader in Me - The First 8 Days
- Creating a Leadership Classroom
2nd Trimester
Religion - Advent & Christmas
- Family Life
- Jesus Gives Himself in the Eucharist
Reading Units of Study - Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power
- Seris Book Clubs
Writing Units of Study - Writing About Reading
- Poetry: Big Thoughts in Small Packages
Phonics Units of Study - Word Builder - Construction, Demolition & Vowel Power
Math - Unit 4: Measurement
- Unit 5: Place Value to One Thousand
Science - A Home for a Penguin
Social Studies - Our Nation's Symbols, Laws, Branches of Government, Government Jobs
Leader in Me - Leading Others (Habits 4-6)
3rd Trimester
Religion - Jesus Gives Himself in the Eucharist
- We Live Our Catholic Faith
Reading Units of Study - Reading Nonfiction Cover to Cover: Nonfiction Book Clubs
Writing Units of Study - Scenes to Series
- Lab Reports & Science Books
Phonics Units of Study - Word Collectors
- Phonics Extension Activities
Math - Unit 6: Geometry
- Unit 7:Measurement, Fractions & Multi-Digit Computation With Hungry Ants
- Unit 8: Measurement, Data & Multi-Digit Computation with Marble Rolls
Science - Helping Seeds Travel
Social Studies - Consumers, Producers
Wants, Needs
- Goods, Services
Leader in Me - Growing All Habits (All 7 Habits & Goal Setting for the Next Year)

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