Archangel Activities

Archangel Activities ~ Fall 2019

St. Gabriel’s Archangel Activities Program aims to offer enriching after-school activities geared towards children in Grades K-5. We want these classes to be an enriching experience for your child. We welcome your feedback at anytime.

FAQ’s for Parents

  • What is the class format, duration, and cost?

    All classes are individually priced, offered 1x/week and held on-site at St. Gabriel the Archangel School from 3:00 pm-4:00 pm. We are also offering one class from 4-5 pm on Wednesdays. All programs are funded exclusively by course fees. Archangel Activities is neither funded nor supplemented by St. Gabriel’s parish nor by school tuition.

  • Who are the instructiors?

    All instructors are required to complete the “Protecting God’s Children” seminar with the St. Louis Archdiocese prior to class start date. Should you have any concerns regarding class instructors, please contact Jane Bene, Anne Sharamitaro committee chairs, or Jill Farace, our on-site Archangel Activities Coordinator.

  • What are the check-in procedures for my child?

    All children will check into their after school classes with our Archangel Activities Coordinator. St. Gabriel’s’ staff will escort younger children to the Archangel After-school Coordinator’s desk at 3:00 pm.

  • Who is the after school coordinator?

    Jill Farace is Archangel Activities’ Coordinator. She is located on-site from 2:45pm until 4:00pm and 5 pm on Wednesday, during class dates, on Monday through Thursday. For program concerns, pick-up issues and emergencies, Jill’s cell phone number is (314) 578-0157. Her email is

  • How do you handle snacks and/or alleries to them?

    All students are permitted and encouraged to bring a snack. Instructors have been asked to allow time at the start of class for children to eat their snack.

    The school office closes at 3:30 so after this time there is NO access to Epi pens or any medication for those with allergies.

  • How do you handle dismissal?

    When class ends, instructors will escort students back to the Archangel Activities Coordinator’s desk. Students enrolled in Gabriel Club will return there. All other students are dismissed via the double doors by the bike rack on the back parking lot per parent dismissal instructions on the registration form. Dismissal ranges from 3:50 pm to 4:00 pm. When picking up your child please be cautious of children from the Gabriel Club playing outside in the parking lot.

  • How do you handle discipline concerns?

    If there is a discipline concern during class, instructors will contact Jill Farace, our Archangel Activities Coordinator. If necessary Jill will bring the concern to the Asst. Principal, Debbie Delay.

  • I have a new program or teacher idea.

    The Archangel Activities Committee is always seeking new program ideas and excellent teacher recommendations. Contact a committee chairperson (Jane or Anne) or after school coordinator (Jill).

2019 Fall Class Descriptions