St. Gabriel is committed to offering a safe and inclusive educational environment for all students, including students with food allergies. By working cooperatively with parents, students, and staff we hope to minimize the risks of accidental exposure to a food allergen while at school. Due to changes that must occur to maintain distance and cohorting relative to Covid-19, all meals will be eaten in the classroom for the 2020-2021 school year. This poses increased risk for our students with food allergies. Trace amounts of peanuts or tree nuts can cause an allergic reaction. Casual contact with peanuts or tree nuts, such as touching peanuts or peanut butter residue can cause an anaphylactic reaction in a child with a severe allergy. Because of this, St. Gabriel will become a “nut-free” school effective immediately.

Here is a link with a nut-free food guide to help assist you in keeping our entire student body safe: