School Year 2023-24 Information

School Supplies On-Line Ordering:  Click HERE to see the supply lists and ordering for 2023-24.

Preliminary Calendar for 2023-24 can be viewed here:  Calendar 2023-24

Chairback Pouches:  If your child will be entering 3rd and 4th grade next year you will need a new chairback pouch. The new chairs are wider in these grades and the current sides of the chairback pouches are splitting open. All chairback pouches will now be made wider to accommodate all sizes of chairs. They will be slightly big on the small chairs but will work nicely and hopefully save many from ordering new one in the future.

Art Bags:  All grades, K - 5, will be using drawstring bags. Feel free to use any drawstring bag you may have. Just make sure you have your child's name clearly labeled on it. Joyce Ortwerth will also have some on hand that can be monogrammed but feel free to use what you already have around your house. If you already have a drawstring bag but would like it monogrammed, Joyce is also able to do that for you. Just fill out the paperwork accordingly and drop it off to her with our drawstring bag.

Finally, if you are attached to the idea of the old art bags for younger grades, contact Joyce, she will accommodate you.

The order form can be found HERE.

For further questions, please contact Joyce Ortwerth at 314-323-3168.

Uniform Swap:  Click HERE to see the Uniform Swap information in our News Feed.