Feature: Makerspace

What IS a Makerspace? That is the first question students are asked when they come into this new area for the first time.  By the time they leave, students know that the Makerspace is a student-centered area to explore, create, build, problem solve, and so much more.


The Maker Movement has been rapidly spreading amongst adults and children as more and more people think of themselves as inventors, tinkerers, designers and other kinds of DIYers.

We believe that being a “maker” is a mindset. Children learn by doing. In the Makerspace and beyond, children will think of themselves as capable problem solvers who are resilient and able to work through challenges. We foster this belief in the Makerspace as students work collaboratively with their peers. They work through the Engineering Design Process to solve problems and challenges. Students focus on brainstorming all the possible ways to solve a certain problem, they plan and create a prototype, they make improvements along the way, and they communicate throughout the entire process.

While learning to see FAILure as a First Attempt In Learning, children have worked together to build and improve prototypes such as cars to carry a load, waterproof habitats, and even bridges. You can check out some of the challenges and designs on the school’s Facebook page or through the Twitter account.