Feature: Robotics (Clavius Project)

We are excited to partner with St. Louis University High on the Clavius Project for our second year of Robotics. The Clavius Project, which began in 2014, trains, mentors and inspires middle school students in STEM-related areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

SLUH’s Robotics Club has partnered with selected Catholic middle schools in the city to offer robotics training in the STEM subject areas. In addition to providing Lego® Mindstorm® EV3 robot kits and software, the school’s outreach robotics program incorporates an initial workshop for using the kits and the programming software, followed by six to eight sessions to assist staff and students in successfully developing the robotics curriculum and after-school activities at each middle school. The students learn about coding, the infrastructure of a robot, how to build a robot, and how to make the robot move. The students interested do not need to have any prior knowledge of robotics, but do need the determination and will power to learn the program is required.

Our junior high students compete in SLUH’s Jamboree in January to showcase their knowledge and demonstration of what they have learned over the year.

If your child is interested in learning more about Robotics, have them attend the Spring Robotics training held from March-May after school once a week to learn more. Then, in the fall, your child could have the opportunity to participate in the SLUH Robotics Jamboree.