8th Grade Song Suggestions

Here is the current list of songs suggested by our 8th graders from the class of 2019: Good Riddance / Time of Your Life (Green Day) All Star (Smashmouth)                                                                         iCarly Theme Song / Leave It All to Me Have It All (Jason Mraz) Home (Phillip Phillips) These Small Hours from Meet the Robinsons Hall of … Continue reading 8th Grade Song Suggestions

Recorder order

If you need to replace a recorder, here’s a website to visit.  At St. Gabriel we have been using the Peripole Baroque Soprano Recorder. http://www.peripole.com/items/view/1018 Another option is to purchase a recorder from Nottelmann Music in south county. Here is the information : South County Store 1590 Lemay Ferry Rd. St. Louis, MO 63125 314.631.1486

A Little Music Training Goes a Long Way

Here is an article from the National Association for Music Education.  It really affirms what we at St. Gabriel already know — studying music is great for our kids and their brains!! A Little Music Training Goes a Long Way Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Tweet A recent article in the Journal of Neuroscience … Continue reading A Little Music Training Goes a Long Way