8th Grade Song Suggestions

Here is the current list of songs suggested by our 8th graders from the class of 2019: Good Riddance / Time of Your Life (Green Day) All Star (Smashmouth)                                                                         iCarly Theme Song / Leave It All to Me Have It All (Jason Mraz) Home (Phillip Phillips) These Small Hours from Meet the Robinsons Hall of … Continue reading 8th Grade Song Suggestions

Classwork and Homework

 Literature/English:   began Informative Writing unit – watched videos, took notes, discussed Power Learning and Note Taking; HMWK: using the Starter Text Set given to you in class; research and take powerful, relevant notes for a minimum of 30 minutes tonight – should be at least two pages of notes; began teaching your short stories Social … Continue reading Classwork and Homework

Welcome to 8th Grade!

Today was a fantastic day!  I truly enjoyed meeting all of you and welcoming you to my class.  This will be a year filled with learning and challenges, as well as fun and memories.  Please don’t hesitate to come to me if you have any questions or concerns.