8th gr. Religion: Portfolio directions/today’s classwork

Monday, March 4, 2019 Test corrections Google site: saint project, Respect life contest writing, Matthew Kelly reflection and goals (see below) GOALS: attach first paper, and write a follow up goal evaluation and include that, too. FOLLOW UP: 1. Read over the second version of your goals from Sept. 18. Ask yourself how you have … Continue reading 8th gr. Religion: Portfolio directions/today’s classwork

8th grade sponsor interviews

Interview Directions Interview your sponsor about his/her faith. Ask the following questions, and incorporate the responses into an essay (using sentences and paragraphs!) that describes their faith life and journey. You may ask other questions as well.  Due Wednesday, March 13 Please type your essay. It should be a MINIMUM of three well-developed paragraphs. When … Continue reading 8th grade sponsor interviews

8th Grade Song Suggestions

Here is the current list of songs suggested by our 8th graders from the class of 2019: Good Riddance / Time of Your Life (Green Day) All Star (Smashmouth)                                                                         iCarly Theme Song / Leave It All to Me Have It All (Jason Mraz) Home (Phillip Phillips) These Small Hours from Meet the Robinsons Hall of … Continue reading 8th Grade Song Suggestions

8K Homework

 Homework for 8K Literature/English– Learned about Great Depression; started on Google Classroom assignment   HW – finish Google Classroom assignment; research first chapter Social Studies– checked 19-2 notes; watched Story Of Us Heartland HW none Science–Journal pg 26 simple machines; building house HW – Daily Questions Math- Packet odds HW – Packet evens test Tues. Religion– finished … Continue reading 8K Homework