Board of Education


The St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish Board of Education is the parish’s representative body for identifying and articulating the educational needs and aspirations of the parish elementary full time school, and adult and youth education programs. The St. Gabriel Parish Board of Education acts in an advisory capacity to the Pastor, Principal and the staff of St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish School in accomplishing the educational and formational mission of the these programs.

The St. Gabriel Parish Board of Education consists of 12 elected members each serving three-year terms. In addition, the pastor may appoint one voting member from the parish community-at-large. The Pastor, Principal, and current Board President are ex-officio members of this Board. Elections are held each spring to replace members whose terms have expired.

The work of the St. Gabriel Parish Board of Education is to discuss full time school related issues, policies and parish wide education programs as well as recommend and set policies that assure the quality and viability of the full time parish elementary school. While parents are also always free to discuss school issues with the Pastor and Principal, matters of policy will be referred to the School Board.

The Board functions in accordance with Archdiocesan guidelines. The Board functions through its meetings, which are held monthly August through June. Committees include, and are not limited to Marketing, Finance, Education Programs, and Policy.


Msgr. John Shamleffer  Pastor 314-353-6303
Tonya McEnery  Principal 314-353-1229
Deborah DaLay Assistant Principal 314-353-1229
Cori Sallaberry President 314-348-1561
Mary Pat Carl Vice President 314-761-1057
Kristin Busch Secretary 314-699-0590
Katie French Board Member 314-322-7711
Dave Hahn Board Member 314-495-8842
Patrick McGinnis Board Member 314-910-7019
Joyce Bytnar Board Member 314-481-5550 (H)
Mary Beth Wolf Board Member 314-660-5958
Cherie Massmann Board Member 314-402-6441
Steve Schlitt Board Member 314-791-6162
Tim Tynan Board Member 314-255-9573
Gary Wells Board Member 314-223-7015

Please contact a Board member today if you would like to be considered, or if you have a candidate you would like to nominate.  Thank you!


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