Happy FUN Friday!!!!  Please check Google Classroom for some fun today:)

Dear 3B,

     Today is our last day together as 3B!  This year has gone so quickly…  I miss you very much!  It makes me very sad that we could not be together to hug, high-five, and say farewell in person!  I know we will have our get-together in the park for all of that!!!  (I will bring tissues;)  YOU are truly amazing, special, and talented boys and girls!!!  I am so proud of your hard work and growth in my class.  God blessed me by allowing me to share a small part of your lives.  I love you and will hold you in my heart-ALWAYS:)  Stay close to Jesus, be a disciple, and spread the Good News!!!  Seek Jesus and see Jesus in everyone you meet.  I am ALWAYS here for you:)  May God bless you:)

Much love,

Mrs. B.