Friday, March 27 eLearning assignments

Dear Parents and Students,

Here are our various class assignments for today!

  1. Religion: Read and fill in pages 192 and 193 in your Religion textbook. Do all of both pages. Do not tear them out of your book. Leave them in.
  2. Writer’s Workshop: You will need your 3 page Lewis & Clark exploration paragraphs packet that I gave you before we left for Spring Break. Work on writing a 4th journal paragraph from your adventures over Spring Break with your Lewis & Clark laminated colored cut-out. Write the date of exploration ( the date one of your pictures was taken or drawn with your Lewis & Clark cut-out) and then write a FULL paragraph where it says “Description of today’s adventures”. When done with this, continue writing a new fairy tale like we have been doing in class. You will need loose leaf paper for this like we use in class or you will need a notebook to write in. Your fairy tale can be an adaptation of a famous one or a brand-new fairy tale you are making up. Be sure to be editing and revising your story as you write it out. You can also work on publishing your story on your computer at home ( but ONLY after having a written out draft).
  3. Reader’s Workshop: Log into either RAZ Kids or StorylineOnline and read or listen to a book for about 30-45 minutes. Either this, or read a good fiction or non-fiction chapter book that you have at home. I have placed links on our Google Classroom page to both RAZ-Kids and StorylineOnline if you need them. Log in like you usually do in class.
  4. Spelling: Use your words for this week ( C-24 Words with Silent Consonants) that I gave you before Spring Break. Use these 20 words and then use your Spelling Choice Board ( that I also passed out to you before Spring Break) to pick ONE activity from the Spelling Choice board to do on a piece of paper. For example, rainbow write your 20 words or sailboat write your 20 words. Pick a different choice than you did yesterday. If you lost your Spelling list of Choice Board that I gave you, I put copies of both on our Google Classroom page.
  5. Math: You will need your big Math book. Turn to chapter 9 on fractions ( Compare Fractions) on pages 363-366. Do your best to read about comparing fractions and work on all the problems all the way from page 363 until the end of page 366. Do not tear the pages out. Leave them in your big Math book.
  6. Science: Find your Science Data Recoding Sheet that I gave you right before Spring Break.  A picture example of this page is on our Google Classroom main page. If you lost it, you will need to make your own on a loose leaf piece of paper. Go to a weather website, like and record today’s date, today’s time, the current temperature, the wind direction, any rain that we have gotten and then briefly describe today’s weather in a sentence or two. Keep this chart because we will be doing this daily for about a week or more. Keep the chart in your folder every day.
  • All work should be completed today to the best of your ability. School policy says it should take students 2-3 hours to complete the work. Please have students place all work in a safe place, like their folder. I will collect it when they return to school and then grade it so it is important students be responsible and keep their work safe and organized.
  • A copy of these directions for today are in 3 locations: on our class Blog, on our main Google Classroom page and I am also emailing this to all parents.
  • If you or your child have any questions, please email Mr. G. and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.