Hi 3P! I miss all of you! Shout out: A very HAPPY MARCH 28th BIRTHDAY TO AVA! We hope to celebrate your birthday when we come back to school! Enjoy your birthday, Ava! We are thinking about you!


***Thank you for a great first week of elearning! I am trying my best to follow the guidelines in our school’s Distance Learning Plan. I tried not to overwhelm everyone this week. Thank you for understanding that this is something new to all of us and certainly evolving over time. If you haven’t already, I suggest you create a schedule and checklist for each day as provided in the Distance Learning Plan.

If your child is finishing early, please set a 20-30 minute timer for each subject including the co-curricular class for the day. Have your child go back and check or reread his/her work, add more detail, or supplement when needed with extra activities. Your child should know about the following activities we use in class for early finishers: fact practice including, math book practice going backwards, Freckle, free reading, free writing, work on spelling, make a kindness card for someone, RAZ-Kids, storyline online, abcya, etc.  In a normal school day, we do not do all the subjects every day. We accommodate for two recesses, lunch, co-curriculars, and any special activities. Thank you for providing your child with the extra support he/she might need, trying to connect with friends (Kids Messenger or FaceTime), having him/her help out more at home, and just enjoying this extra special family time together!


Have a spend time with your family Friday! Enjoy your weekend as well! Tune back in on Google Classroom on Monday for a special video from the Puzzella family!


  1. Religion = Make a kindness or prayer card for someone in your family and give it to them. Feel free to make more than one. Decorate and write as much detail as you can.
  2. Writer’s Workshop = Type (publish) for typing practice something you have written this week (Example: a Lewis and Clark page) like we normally do on Fridays for chromebook time. Please focus more on typing than inserting pictures but you can add a picture or two like you normally do. Make sure to type in paragraphs, proofread, revise, and edit. You do not need to print it but you can if you want for your own use like how we usually do.
  3. Reader’s Workshop = RAZ-Kids assignment (Helen Keller) I know your reading log is finished. I will collect it when we get back to school. Due to the fact that school is a bit different these days with 2-3 hours of daily assignments as opposed to nightly homework, I will not be having you log your reading minutes like you normally do. However, please feel free to fill your time with extra reading!
  4. Spelling = Choose a Spelling Choice Board activity to complete for C-24 words in your spelling notebook.
  5. Math = Freckle assignment # 41 (If you have extra time you can also do fact practice on Freckle or old assignments). For this assignment, I wasn’t able to schedule it to show up in your account at a certain time for today like I mentioned I could do the other day. Some of you might have noticed this assignment posted yesterday on Freckle because that is when I was getting it ready. Going forward, if you see assignments in your accounts that I haven’t mentioned, it’s probably because I am getting them ready for the next day of elearning and just wait until you see my directions in the next day’s blog to start it. Thanks!

**In honor of Stations of the Cross for Activity Period today, please read through and reflect on the Stations of the Cross document on Google Classroom 3P page – Stations of the Cross. For the Write part, just think about it in your head or out loud to a family member.


**PE = Check PE Google Classroom