Religion homework for 7th and 8th grade

Mrs. Slama’s HOMEWORK PAGE: 7th and 8th grade

Welcome to learning from home!! I will be posting assignments here for you to see what is due and when. A lot of things will have Google Classroom components for turning in various things, so I will direct you to that site often. Please pace yourself, I will often give an assignment and then a day or 2 or even 3 to get it in. I am available through email to answer your questions. I will be checking them regularly, but from 9-11 am and 7-8 pm will be times I am for sure online to help.

Sr. Gail wants all Band students to know that lessons are being sent directly to your Google accounts, not your parents.

8th-grade Religion-

Monday:  3/23: If you are ready to go, you can continue to work on your sponsor interviews. I moved the directions to Google Classroom, and it is still due April 1.

Tuesday: 3/24 Welcome back officially! Today’s work is a Saints of the Holocaust assignment on Google Classroom–this involves reading three online biographies of saints who played a role helping others in the Holocaust (in addition to other good works). All of the work and links are in the google worksheet attached to the assignment. Please read the articles carefully and answer in complete sentences. This is due Friday. 

Sponsor interviews are still due April 1.There is a Google Classroom assignment set up for these now.

Wednesday: 3/25: Happy feast of the Annunciation!! This would be a good day to say a decade of the rosary using the first Joyful Mystery!

Thursday: 3/26: work on Sponsor Interviews or Saints of the Holocaust as needed. There will be new assignments for next week, so do not wait until then to start working on your interviews!

If you are all caught up on religion work, you can make a card for your Friend-in-Faith and drop it at the rectory (walk your dog or a sibling over there!). Mrs.Hunter is going to mail them to our friends. Just put it in an envelope if you can, attention Nurse Hunter, and leave it in the doors or box. This is an optional activity, not graded, just an act of kindness.

Friday:  3/27: Saints of the Holocaust is due today. 

7th-grade Religion:   I will be using this page to list each thing that we are working on for the week. Sometimes you will be going to Google Classroom to watch videos, have a class “discussion” through commenting on a topic/video/article, and to turn things in. I hope you enjoy trying out these new ways to learn!

Monday:  3/23: If you’re ready to go, you can get started on the assignment that is due tomorrow.go to Google Classroom–we will be reading the first two pages of  Ch. 12, pp. 95-96 and taking a short quiz on it. Read carefully. Check your work before submitting–it’s okay. This is not an official test, just a good format for checking your understanding of the reading.

Tuesday: 3/24: Welcome back officially!! See Google Classroom for an assignment on Ch. 12, pp. 95-96. It is due tonight. Email me if you have any questions. I will be available for immediate responses from 9-11 and 7-8, plus checking throughout the day.

Wednesday:  3/25: Happy Feast of the Annunciation!! This would be a great day to say the First Decade of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.

Your assignment today will give you a taste of what online classes can be like in college. You will find the directions in Google Classroom to a short video assignment. You have until Friday morning (11 a.m.) to complete the entire thing (it requires two responses). Once again, you can email me with questions, but you have to post your responses in the assignment comments.

Thursday:   3/26: Check in with the video assignment and find a comment you want to reply to. Both responses are due tomorrow by 11 a.m.

You also have another short reading assignment in your text today, pp. 97-98, and a form to complete in Google Classroom. This is also due tomorrow.

Friday:  3/27: Your comments on the video and your form on pp. 97-98 are due today. Email me with questions if you have them.

If you are all caught up on your work, an optional thing you can do is make a card for your friend in faith. Nurse Hunter is willing to mail them to our FIF’s, all you have to do is drop it off at the rectory (what a great excuse to go for a walk–take your dog if you have one! Siblings can walk with you, too, and they can also make a card–this is a win-win-win). Put it in an envelope and drop it in the door or box, attention Nurse Hunter. This is not a graded assignment, just an act of kindness.