Happy Thrilling Thursday!!!

Religion – Choose 1 Lenten egg to color.  Complete sacrifice & journal what you did and how it made you feel… in RED notebook.  Glue egg onto journal page.

Writers Workshop – Divide 1 page of  Red notebook into 4 boxes.  Box 1 – Use narration to introduce character, setting, & problem.(Once upon a time…) Boxes 2,3,4 – Tell story in 3 scenes – small moment stories.

Readers Workshop – Read 20 minutes on RAZ kids – Please note on Reading Log.

Spelling – Complete 1 Choice board activity for list #24. Study – Test – F.

Math – Study division facts – Test – F. Complete Comparing Fractions worksheet P. 3.

Science – Watch Brainpop video – Weather. https://www.brainpop.com/science/weather/weather/    Username Stgab2020 Password Brainpop2020   Complete quiz & email your results to bbelcher@stgab.org  Complete Air Pressure worksheet.

Thrilling Thursday activity – Play ABCya game/games of your choice:)  Enjoy!!!

I am missing you and praying for you:)  Have a great day!!!