Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hi 3P! I miss all of you! I know this is new and different for everyone so thank you for adjusting to new routines and procedures. We are taking this day by day and figuring things out as we go along! Now that we have assignments posted, I don’t want to confuse you. For programs like Google classroom and Freckle, I can choose for the assignment to show up in your account on a certain day. I plan on having it show up on the day that I want you to work on it. I hope it works! For RAZ-Kids, I don’t think I have that option. If you see an assignment that I haven’t mentioned, wait for me to mention it in this blog.

Here are your assignments to keep you learning for the day! Grades 3-5 are expected to work 2-3 hours per school day (including co-curricular class). This comes out to spending about 20-30 minutes on each assigned subject for the day. I encourage you to set a timer for each subject. Don’t forget to take breaks throughout the day and help your family out! Please feel free to email me at any time!

Have a wise Wednesday!

***Note = For written work like the service journal, Lewis and Clark journal, and any future written work, the plan for now is for me to collect that when we get back to school! Please hold on to your items!

Also, I know your reading log will be finished by the end of the week. I plan to collect that when we get back. Due to the fact that school is a bit different these days with 2-3 hours of daily assignments as opposed to nightly homework, I will not be having you log your reading minutes like you usually do. However, if you finish your work early during the day, you are always more than welcome to fill your time with exta reading!

  1. Religion = Reflect on acts of service you have been doing around the house (how are you helping others, what did you do, feelings, action plan for next time, etc). Please write your reflection in your service journal. Please title it as: Acts of Service and put the date on the top.
  2. Writer’s Workshop = Lewis and Clark journal Day 2 (use your second picture you took to write about). Remember to write in paragraphs, proofread, revise, and edit. Don’t forget to write from Lewis or Clark’s point of view!
  3. Spelling = Choose a Spelling Choice Board activity to complete for C-24 words in your spelling notebook. Since this is a shorter and new week to get used to, you will not be tested this Friday. You will be practicing your words again on Friday instead. However, going forward, I plan on having you take a post-test on Friday like we normally do. I will give more information about that next Friday! In the meantime, feel free to study your words like you normally do. I plan on having you work on spelling assignments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  4. Math = Freckle assignment # 09 – Use cross multiplication to help you when needed!  (If you have extra time you can also do fact practice on Freckle or old assignments)
  5. Social Studies =See Google Classroom 3P Page – Statehood. Due on Thursday. For elearning this means that this will also be the same assignment for tomorrow and you have the entire day today and tomorrow to work on this.

**Art = Check Art Google Classroom