Happy Wet Wipe Wednesday!!!   Please be a helper and wet wipe doorknobs at home.

Religion – Print out & color the Annunciation picture (Google Classroom) to celebrate this feast day.  Please say one decade of the rosary to honor our Blessed Mother.

Writers Workshop – Review Fairy Tale adaptation from yesterday.  Create a character with traits & wants who runs into trouble.  Journal your ideas in RED notebook.

Review Lewis & Clark pictures & complete first date journal entry.  Please publish with correct spelling, grammar, & punctuation from Lewis & Clark’s point of view:)

Readers Workshop – Read 20 minutes on RAZ kids – Please note on Reading Log.  Read & complete questions on Scholastic News – This Dog Saves Lives.

Spelling – Complete one Choice Board activity for list # 24.  Study – Test – F.

Math – Study division facts – Test – F., Complete comparing fractions worksheet – P. 2

Social Studies – Read Missouri History P. 192 – The Dred Scott Decision.  Complete Quiz on Google Classroom & submit.

Trivia Tuesday – Answer: honey

PLEASE KEEP ALL WORK IN BLUE “FOLDER”.  I will ask for some assignments to be submitted using scans or pictures on Fridays.

THANK YOU for all of your hard work and help with our first day of Distance Learning!!!  I appreciate that greatly and miss you so very much:)  Mrs. B.