Service Logs–directions and example

Service logs are collected several times throughout the year to help the students stay on track with their service activities. 

Next due date: We are finished turning these in for the year, but service never ends!

The purpose of tracking your time doing service is to show your progress in growing as a disciple of Christ. Service doesn’t end with Confirmation, it is the beginning of your adult life in the Church. The service you do now is preparing you for an active role in the Church in the future. Three areas of service are expected— at home, in the parish/school, and in the community-–to give you experience serving in a variety of ways. This should open your eyes to the many opportunities to serve that surround you each day. Keep track of the service you do using this chart (follow the sample below)as a guideline, with an emphasis being on good reflections. Put multiple incidents of the same service (like being a Mass server, or doing Wednesday jobs) as one entry. Follow the example below, making sure to include the TYPE of service, how long you did it, and really write about the experience (what you did, how you felt about it).

THE STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE COMPLETED SERVICE WITH THEIR SPONSORS BY Confirmation. There are many opportunities for service, and there are often things in the bulletin or home projects they could do. See my “Service Opportunities” page for some ideas.

At the end of 8th-grade year, the students will write a reflection on their service experience, which will count as a test grade. In it, they will also list the activities they did, including the sponsor project.

Below is an example of a service log:

Date Length of time spent on activity or project Type of service (home, school/parish, or community) Where I went; what I did; my thoughts on it.
8/29/19 2 hours Community I cut my neighbor’s grass and swept her patio. She is in the hospital and it made me feel good to help her out. I watered her garden while I was there, too.
9/6/19 1 ½ hours Home I cleaned out the garage with my dad. I hated it, but I know my dad appreciated the help. The garage did look really great when we were finished.
9/22/19 1 hou School I started being a homework helper after school. I am working with a 2nd grader on Wed. and Thurs. She is funny. I hope I am able to help her. We did Math and Phonics today.