February 12, 2020

Please bring a Valentine for each student in the homeroom, to exchange on February 14th, during the party.  There are 17 students in 5G. Thank You!
Specials for 5G…2nd Trimester
Monday- Music, Tuesday- Art, Wednesday- PE, Thursday- PE, Friday – Technology
Reading: Storyworks- “The Emperor’s New Clothes”  critical thinking worksheets.
Writing: Students finished  writing and printing their argument essays over chocolate milk.
Social Studies: Students continued working on their Industrial Revolution projects, due 2/20/20.
Math: Ch. 6 Mid-Chapter check point p. 263-264 #1-17 all. Xtramath.org 4 times this week.
Science: Study for test next Wednesday 2/19/20.
Religion:  Read and discussed  text pages 81-82.