January 13, 2020

Specials for 5G…2nd Trimester
Monday- Music, Tuesday- Art, Wednesday- PE, Thursday- PE, Friday – Technology
Reading: We finished reading about life in a refugee camp, in our Storyworks magazines.  The students then worked on finding the main idea and supporting details from the story.
Writing: Students focused on ways to take  their information writings from “Good,”  to “Great!”  We compared a mentor text on English Bulldogs, to the information writing checklist.  Students used green colored post-it notes to analyze areas of their own information writings, to find and notate goals for growth.
Math: Ch. 5.3 Estimating quotients. Text pages 109-11 together. Workbook pages 105 #2-14 even, and p. 106 #1-6 all. Xtramath.org 4 times this week.
Social Studies: With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day coming up, we are taking this week to focus on him, and other important Civil Rights leaders like Rosa Parks.  We learned about Rosa Parks today.
Science: Students looked at daylight hours in other parts of the world.
Religion: Counselor visited, worked on vision board.