Monday, December 2

Homework tonight:

  1. Spelling word unscramble work sheet
  2. Read for 20 Minutes and record in reading log

Upcoming Events:

  1. Division end of chapter test is this mid-week
  2. Spelling Test is this Friday

Math Focus:

  1. We are in the middle of learning the basics of Division. We have an end of unit test in the middle of this week.

Reading/Writing Focus:

  1. In Writing, we just started a new unit on Information writing. Students will learn the basics on how to write expository ( or informational) pieces of writing.
  2. In Reading, we just started a new unit on Main Idea and Text Structures of Non-fiction books. Students will be examining the basics of what makes of non-fiction books and identify the main ideas of what we read.

Science/Social Studies

  1. In Social Studies we are focusing on the economy of Missouri.
  2. In Science we are beginning our new Force and MotionĀ unit.


  1. We are focusing on Advent and the important dates of the church calendar.