December 2, 2019

Specials for 5G…2nd Trimester

Monday- Music, Tuesday- Art, Wednesday- PE, Thursday- PE, Friday – Technology.
Math: Chapter 4.2 Text pages 165-167, workbook page 83 #2-9 all and page 84 #1-6 4 times this week.
Reading:  “Beauty”  do Ch. 9 questions. Journal questions in Reading notebooks, through Chapter 9- due tomorrow!   Vocabulary crossword due tomorrow, Section 2 vocabulary test on Thursday 12/5- STUDY!
Writing: Students focused on making meaningful introductory paragraphs in their information books.  Started a new information book.
Social Studies: Causes and Effects of the California Gold Rush, created notes and pictures, and an acrostic poem. Lewis and Clark crossword due Thursday, 12-5, Oregon Trail vocabulary word search due Friday 12-6.
Science: Read “Journey through Our Solar System.” Did page 5 in Mysci binder.
Religion: Counselor visit.