Thursday Nov. 7

Homework tonight:

  1. Spelling Test tomorrow
  2. Read for 20 Minutes and record in reading log

Upcoming Events:

  1. St Gabs is holding a school-wide Writing Celebration this Friday, Nov. 8 from 7:35-8:45. Students will dress as their saints and do their saint reports for the final time in our classroom. Students will also show examples of some of their writing from this trimester, such as narrative writing and persuasive writing.

Math Focus:

  1. We just started learning the basics of Division this week. We will have a Division unit test mid-next week.

Reading/Writing Focus:

  1. We are working on a unit about Mystery stories and the aspects of the genre. We will be working on this unit until Thanksgiving break.
  2. In writing, we have been learning about Persuasive ( or Opinion) writing. We will focus on this type of writing until Thanksgiving break.

Science/Social Studies

  1. In Social Studies we continue to focus on the climate and geography of Missouri.
  2. In Science we are finishing our Animal Adaptations unit and will begin our Weather unit.


  1. We are continuing to learn about the life and ministry of Jesus.