September 9, 2019

Book orders went  home last Wednesday,.   Our code is  TPBYC,  if you would like to order.  Orders due this Friday, 9/13.

Specials 5G:  Monday- Music   Tuesday- Technology   Wednesday- P.E.  Thursday- Art Friday- Technology

Social Studies: Students shared their 3 paragraphs on “What Freedom Means to Me.”  Students began drafting their own “Declarations.”

Math:  Multiplying by one digit numbers- Ch 1.6 Text pages 27-29 HW- Finish W/B p. 13 #2-14 even, and W/B p. 14 ALL, if needed.  XTRAMATH.ORG 4 times this week.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Reading: Students read chapters 7 and 8 in “City of Ember.”  No HW.

Writing:  Students focused upon bringing out secret thoughts of their characters, in their fictional narratives.

Science:  Discussed flow of energy and matter between living and nonliving things.

Religion: Read and went over Ch. 2 Review.  Study for tomorrow’s test!!  Went over solidarity.