Homework, Tests, and Reminders: Thursday 5/23/19

Happy Last Week of School!  I hope you all had a nice weekend!  During this last week, we’ll be wrapping up our learning.  In Writing, students will finish drafting, revising, editing, and typing their historical fiction books.  In Science, we’ll wrap up the experiment from Lesson 7 and take the Section 2 Checkpoint quiz (no need to study).  Finally, in Social Studies, we’ll get an overview of the two regions we were not able to get to with some videos and games practicing their capitals and abbreviations. 

If your child did not turn in their typed historical fiction piece today, they need to do that tomorrow.  They also need to bring the draft with the revisions and edits back so that it can go in their Reading/Writing file for next year. 

No one needs to bring backpacks to school tomorrow. 

It was lovely to see many of you at the End-of-Year Snowcone celebration yesterday.  Thank you for the special treat! 

Fourth-grade Math, Religion, and Social Studies textbooks and workbooks came home yesterday.  They are yours to keep.  For the Simple Solutions book and math workbook especially, I would recommend keeping and using the unfinished pages as extra practice over the summer to keep your mind in math shape for fifth grade.  In fact, the math workbook final 47 pages are titled “Getting Ready for Grade 5” and would be excellent summer practice problems to complete by your soon-to-be fifth grader!


Scholastic Book Orders: 

1. Go to https://clubs.scholastic.com/                                                                                       2. Click on the orange button labeled “Parents – Connect to Teacher”                                        3. Use the class code: HL3R7 or search for Linda Morris                                                        4. Click “Create Account”                                                                                                          ** Orders that are paid for online with credit card are much easier for Mrs. Morris to manage. 🙂

  • Fourth graders are allowed to bring a fruit or vegetable snack and water bottles to school daily.


 Upcoming Tests:

There will not be any more capitals/abbreviations quizzes this school year! 

Math Simple Solutions weekly quizzes will be every Friday.


Thursday, May 23, 2019


Classwork – Independent Reading Time; Finding themes through popular songs activity

Homework:  Read 20 minutes; Google Classroom questions due TOMORROW 

English (Writing/Grammar):

Classwork – Writing celebration!: Students printed their final typed copies of historical information books, turned in their drafts, and put other pieces of writing together in portfolios; Roll & Chat – share of specific parts of their writing process; Partners sat elbow-to-elbow, knee-to-knee and read each other their historical information books and gave each other compliments; Apple juice toast to hard work in writing this school year

Homework: If you did not finish typing your historical information book, you need to do that tonight and turn in your draft tomorrow


Classwork –  Geometry mix and match games (“Spoons” rules)

Homework – Freckle due TOMORROW 5/24


Classwork – Small groups got checked by Mrs. Sonn and started Test #1 of the experiment – recorded data on p. 30 and began communicating about how they’d redesign for Test #2

Homework – 


Classwork –  Video from Discovery Education on the “The West”

Homework –  


Classwork –  Family Life lesson: Read p. 44-67




* Read at home every night for 20 min.
* Bring instruments on Mon. & Wed.
 * Bring PE clothes on Mondays.
* When a hmwk. sheet has 2 sides, do both sides.
  *Always have a novel to read for fun.