5P Homework

Monday,April 15, 2019

Reading: C.W.:One-Pager Chasing Vermeer

               H.W.:due tomorrow

English: C.W.: no class today


Science:C.W.: reviewed for test and reviewed study guide, study for test on Wed.


Social Studies: C.W.:reconstruction PPT and ws text pages 472-477, answer questions on L.L.


Religion: C.W.: read and discuss 2/25 & 2/26-2 handout due Wed. 3 handouts from Fri due Tom


Math: C.W.:Complete Simple Solutions # 112 checked Simple Solutions #: review for test, wrote notes freckle.com

H.W.:finish cw: complete Xtramath.org 2x this week Study for test Wed. Simple Solutions quiz #109-112 Wed?