Homework & Reminders (4/17/19)

A redbud branch in bloom with rose-purple flowers  Enjoy your redbud tree seedlings!  Thank you for helping our Earth!

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Marchesa, Martha, Aoife, Jackson, Ryan, and Brianna for completing the Six Flags Read to Succeed 6 hours of reading!   Enjoy your day at Six Flags!

Congratulations to 4M’s Messenger of Christ award recipients, Stella (Sept.), Anthony (Oct.), Tessa (Nov.), Mario (Jan.), and Bailey (Feb.)!  We appreciate the Christlike acts that you have performed in our school!  Keep it up!

Thank you to ALL the 4M students who participated in roles leading our class Masses this year.  They all did wonderful jobs each and every time!  Also, thank you to the parents who joined us at Mass when we were leading.  Your children loved seeing you there and appreciated your support!

Fourth graders are allowed to bring a fruit or vegetable snack & water bottles to school daily.


Upcoming Tests:

Friday, April 26:  Social Studies map quiz (SE part 1)

Math Simple Solutions weekly quizzes will be every Friday.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

classwork –  read aloud:  The Wild Robot Escapes
–                   WD:   rd. aloud ch.11 and complete post it notes
–                               ((find simile and give definition, draw scene + explain) 

–                   independent reading time:  free choice book

homework:    read 20 minutes
–                    NO Scholastic News Read Aloud due this week

classwork – ch.7 +- fractions:  check hw. wb., Castle Attack review game, take test
–                  Freckle:  2 assignments (+-fact practice, +- mixed #’s)
–                  SS: begin lesson #69
homework –  Freckle due Friday

classwork –  com.6 + 9:  rd. p.137, define “modest”, videos on modest dress
–                   Lent:
homework – –   ,

classwork – bellwork – wrote about and discussed how energy and speed are related
checked hw p.15+16
completed p.17 altogether – practiced calculating speed using long division (distance/time)
lesson 4 exit ticket – calculating speed
homework –  band students finish bellwork and p.17

classwork – 
homework: SE Part 1 map quiz Friday, 4/26

classwork –  Lucy Caulkins – Information Writing – Session 11 mini-lessons –
partners worked together to imitate the mentor sentence and Mrs. Sonn checked individuals to ensure they were using parentheses correctly
gave examples of using parentheses altogether
completed “Invitation to Edit” altogether
exit ticket – mentor sentence assess #7
independent writing time – 18 minutes working on chapter books

homework –  

classwork – PE, band
homework – music – p.13 for 20 points on 4/29

REMINDERS: bring instruments on Mondays & Wednesdays
                        bring PE clothes on Wednesdays
                        when a hmwk. sheet has 2 sides, do both sides

                        always have a novel to read for fun