February 11, 2019



Yellow Socks fundraiser – due Tuesday Morning 2/12   Tomorrow!

The Six Flag Read to Succeed logs are due back to school on Friday, February 22, 2019.

Yearbook orders are due by March 25th

Science:  Students worked on mySci binder pages 26 and 27, about water consumption.  HW– Must start today! Page 28- Water usage log is due Thursday!

Social Studies: Students read pages 412-419 in Social Studies text, and answered questions on p. 419 on LL.

Reading :Types of text structure PPT and identify text structure  HW: Write a description paragraph about school on LL.

English: Writing day- use writing and revision stratagies to get lots of writing done-book needs to be completed Wednesday.

Religion: Highlighted for test- Study Guide – Do lesson pg. 68 Ch. 8 test Thursday

Math; SS 83 checked 82- Text 265-267 together- Do w/b 6.6 on LL paper.   – pg. 131 #2-14 even – pg. 132 #1-6 all show all work on LL. Xtramath.org 4X’s week-