February 7, 2019


The Six Flag Read to Succeed logs are due back to school on Friday, February 22, 2019.

Yearbook orders are due by March 25. 

Science: Students worked with partners on Public Service Announcements about conserving water.

Social Studies: Students learned about immigration and read pages 388-391 in their text books, and answered questions #1-6 on page 391, on LL.  Finish, if needed for HW.

Reading: Notes on types of text structures for non-fiction.

English: Writers are the bosses of their own writing.  They make decisions on what to do next with their writing.

Math: SS 82 checked 81- Text 259-261- DO  W/B 6.5 pg. 129 #2-14 ALL  PG 130  # 1-6 ALL due Friday – Ch review 263-264 due Monday   – Xtramath.org HW

Religion: R & D 63-66  – Started notes on parts of the mass.   BRING FLASH CARDS TOMORROW! 8 of them.