February 6, 2019

TOMORROW…..Dress Down- Pajama bottom day, tomorrow.  ALSO students may bring candy for a snack and s favorite stuffed animal or pillow….see E-blast

Science: Students worked in pairs on Water Cycle crossword and Water Cycle w/s.  Finish crossword for HW if needed.

Social Studies: Students learned the Basic Concepts of the Economy and created notes.  Students watch portions of a Disc. Ed video…https://app.discoveryeducation.com/learn/videos/1b3707a2-d48a-4a90-b91f-277c071b7339/

English: When writers write, they think of who their audience is, first…What will interest them?  HW- Finish a chapter book.

Math: SS 81 checked SS 80  Text 255-257    Do W/B 6.4 P. 127 #2-11 all on LL.  P. 128 # 1-6 all   Xtramath.org

Religion: Lesson 3-4 open book test   –  Worked on classwork, due tomorrow. -Shared health plans.