February 5, 2019

Science: Students worked in small groups on MySci page 18.  Students watched Discovery Ed video about Earth’s water.     https://app.discoveryeducation.com/learn/videos/6b20e3e7-5c72-4758-b251-d88f429cc899/

Social Studies: Students learned about Laissez-Faire Economics and created notes.  Martin Luther King Jr. word search due tomorrow.

Religion:W/S due Wed. Reviewed 28-29.  My health plan, due tomorrow.   CW Puzzle due Thursday.

Math: SS 80 checked 79  Text 251-253 together- do w/b 6.3 pg. 125 #2-14 alll, show work on LL paper p. 126 1-6 all – Xtra math 4X’s a week

English- See Mrs. Pott’s

Reading: Worked on non-fiction text feature project – nonfiction book report due end of class Wed.

Dancing classrooms paragraph due Wed.