January 31, 2019

Reading/ English: 1) Google Quiz -2) Students worked  on Infographics.  3)Some started their Non-Fiction book reports.

Math: Students worked on fraction strips. 2) Students worked on W/B pages 121 and 122 ALL 3) Math worksheet use pages 45-46 for examples  4) Finish  Freckle benchmarks   5) Freckle.com new assignments  – Xtramath 4 X’s a week at home.  ALL due Monday!

Religion: Students worked on 40 words to describe their family, on LL all words need to be spelled correctly!   Students worked on Introductory Rite flashcards ALL due Monday!

Social Studies: Students learned about The Transcontinental Railroad and did w/s – due Monday 2/4 Industrial Revolution W/S due Monday 2/4

Science: Students learned about the human impacts on our Earth Systems.  Did two pages p. 17 and 21 in My Sci binders.