January 10, 2019

Book orders went home yesterday.   If you would like to place an order, orders will be due on 1/18/19.  Our class code is TPBYC

Science: Students worked on MySci p. 11 over the 4 Earth Systems.  They broke into small groups to research their assigned Earth Systems.

Social Studies: Students learned about the CAUSES of the Industrial Revolution.  Students created notes and watched a Discovery Ed. video.

English: HW- Grandma Garden W/S  – Read story and circle the fig. language found in the story and then on the back write an example of each type of fig. language listed in sent. form. * alliteration *personification * hyperbole * simile * metaphor * onomatopoeia

Reading: #OLW assignment on Google classroom in English – NO  HW

Math: SS 69 Text p. 214-215   DO W/B 5.4 p. 107 #2-14 even p. 108 #1-6 all

Religion: Write a 5 parts of mass headers and write Intro Rite Pg. 60 finish Friday