September 11, 2018

Please remember to turn DQ blizzard orders in, as well as Buzz Book orders.

Scholastic book  orders are due 9/14.  Our Scholastic Book Order code is  TPBYC

Below is a link to “Quizziz,” where you can take online quizzes,  this link is for optional practice for the test, so students may practice for our upcoming Social Studies test on 9/13.  After clicking the link     enter this  code 460151

Science: We reviewed  graphing on worksheet and the Scientific Method steps in class with partners, for test tomorrow over the Scientific Method and graphing.  The Scientific Method steps are found on a handout in their binder. HW: Study for test tomorrow.

Social Studies: We took a pretest on Historical Documents and Founding Fathers in Social Studies, and went over all of the answers.  HW: Study for test on Thursday 9//13.

Math: SS 15 checked 14 -Reviewed for test -Checked Textbook and Workbook – Chapter 1 Test Wednesday

Religion: Chapter 3 Test  R&D Highlighted Page 27

Reading:  Storywork 1)Read P. 26-27  Is Fortnite ok for kids?  2) fill in chart p. 27  3) Write letter home telling me what your opinion is on Fortnite  use evidence from the story for help.

English: CW- 1) Revise mentor sentences 2) Imitate memory sentences 3) Compound sentence notes 4) Coordinating conjunction notes 5) Deer conference info  6) HW Compound sentences worksheet  study test