Grade 1 and 2: Animal Adaptations

You will spend the first 10 minutes completing lessons on typing club. Go to number 1 to access your lessons.


What do we do during the different seasons? Would you wear a big, bulky coat during Summer? Shorts during Winter? Why/Why not? Talk with the person sitting next to you.

We will now start thinking about animal adaptations. That’s a big word. What do you think this could mean?¬†Animal Adaptations: Why do you think animals have to change themselves to survive?

2. Let’s watch this video together. We will only watch the first video about the Mimic octopus. Isn’t it cool?!¬†

3. Now, you will play a few games. In each of these games, you will have to find the hidden animals/ insects.

4. Draw! You will now open Microsoft Paint and draw any animal you like. Please try and make it hard for people to see. How will you hide your animal?

5. We will now make an animation. Go to the following: