March 12-16


Looking ahead:

  • Last day for Kindergarten before Spring Break is 3/23

Below you will find our week of goals and learning objectives – please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 🙂 

Our Weekly Learning Goals Are:

Religion:  This week we will continue to discuss Stations of the Cross, We will  learn about St. Patrick, and we will start Chapter 12: We learn about God with our friends.

Reading: We will read the story Sloppy Joe  and discuss the importance of being ourselves and loving who we are.  We will also practice sequencing events in a story.  Towards the end of the week we will read St. Patrick’s Day themed books with extensions about sequencing.

        Vocabulary words from our story:

Math: This week we will continue Chapter 8, representing 100, counting to 100 by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  We will explore all of the different patterns we find within a 100’s chart. Thursday and Friday we will review math goals  such as: addition and subtraction, creating patterns, and working on front row via tablets

        Math Vocabulary: pattern, AB pattern, ABB pattern, domino, take away, subtract, dice

Social Studies: This week we will learn about the history of St. Patricks Day and explore common St. Patrick’s Day traditions.

Science: We will begin Lesson 8: Why are plants and animals important to us? We will also plant seeds this week and keep a journal to track growth! We will continue to observe our seeds we planted last week and record our findings.  We will plant our potato and log findings throughout the week.

Language Arts: This week we will continue learn about the letter Jj and the initial /j/ sound.  We will also continue learn about parts of a sentence.  We will also continue using our interactive notebooks this week.  In writing, we are going to continue to  explore the concept of “editing” and using a rubric to help edit our writing.  We will also do an informative piece of writing about Dr. Seuss and what we learned about the Winter Olympics.  We will also review initial and ending sound of CVC words.  We will continue explore what it means to pick a “just right” book.

 – Sight Words: the, a, we, he, with, am, to, is, like, me, I, little, have, my, for, she, see, look, they, you, of, are, that, do, here, go, from —- please review these with your children every couple nights!

 – Phonological Awareness: Reviewing and identifying letters of the alphabet and their beginning sound.

 – Letter Recognition: We will review recognizing capital and lowercase letters Aa-Zz

 – Handwriting: We will practice proper letter formation of bother upper and lowercase letters.

Homework: Homework Packet and reading log due Friday 3/16


  • Please check your child’s take home folder everyday to keep updated on their daily behavior calendar and any daily work. PLEASE leave their behavior calendar in their folder at all times. They will color it every day as a form of daily behavior communication with you.
  • If there is ever a situation at school regarding your child’s behavior that is serious, you will be contacted by me :)!

Thank you,

Mrs. Schellman