Grade 1K and 2G (Friday, February 09) with Mr. Bante

Hi Everyone!

Remember, I am away today! Mr. Bante is here with you! Here’s what you need to do: (click on the blue links!!)

* Typing Club

Ms. McKinlay will give out prizes next week!

*What INSPIRES you?
Let’s reflect on what YOU are inspired to do or create and how that might help make the world a better place!
Before we do that, let’s use the word INSPIRE to see where we find inspiration from! You will write your ideas on the post-its and stick on the front and back walls!

3. You will now create a doodle for Google. This is basically a competition! You will need to re-create the Google logo and draw what inspires you!

4. Take a look at the following slide: here are some examples of different Google doodles!

Mr. Bante will now hand out the Google competition forms. Please make sure you write your names on them, but LEAVE THEM HERE! I will have to submit them online!

I can’t wait to see what you have created! See you next week!