Websites to check out!

The following are websites that are good sources of Catholic information: – this site has information for practicing Catholics, used-to-be Catholics, and Protestants, about what the church is and what it can be for us.– stay on top of current events in the Catholic world.– link to the Archdocese of St. Louis. This is a great resource for information about what’s going on in the archdiocese and the bishop’s recent messages for us. There are also resource links to the services the archdoicese provides.– lots of resources for your family, including patron saint information.– another resource for saint information, month by month. This site is a good starting point, with brief stories. This would not be a site for advanced research. more patron saint information. this is the page for their saint index, but it’s also a good source of Catholic info. very thorough saint resource, breaking saints into all kinds of categories that may interest you!– the website for the Archdiocese’s REAP team, a part of the Catholic Youth Apostolate that focuses on retreats for teens. The website addresses a lot of teen issues, in particular chastity, but others, too, from a Catholic perspective.– resource for Catholic teens on issues related to adolescence. another great resource for teens and parents for a Catholic approach to chastity. – Chris Stefanick’s website, with videos and insights into living the faith.– link to the United States Catholic bishop’s site, with lots of good informational resources. -more information and resources on the faith, plus news on matters that affect how we live it.– great place to see faith-based videos.– connects you to the organization in rural Missouri that we give a portion of our mission money to. It is an outreach of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.– The Catholic Information Network.– connects you to the organization that helps Elba’s Orphans.– this group organizes movements around the world to pray and fast for an end to abortion. Daily prayer devotions are posted, as well as opportunities to help. For local information and opportunities to help, go to and -these two websites reinforce lessons our 8th graders are learning about goal-setting, organization, effort, and attitude as they apply to success in school and life. – this website has the new nutritional guidelines for healthy eating. Lots of great information for developing good eating habits. – a great place for teens to visit for the truth about using/abusing substances.

good story explaining Our Lady of Fatima, the visits to the children, and the shrine today. -online prayer site. -learn about the 2nd Vatican Council here. -abortion statistics from around the world, and what is legal in each country. -how to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet. –this is the website for Life Action, a Pro Life advocacy group started by Lila Rose. There are video links to some abortion debates that were televised on various forums.

This link is to a synopsis of the four gospels. file:///C:/Users/Public/Downloads/White_ntsynopsis.pdf