Band Expectations for 2018-2019


 Band Expectations for 2018-2019  ST. GABRIEL BAND



The Band Program at St. Gabriel the Archangel School is considered part of the school curriculum. The program is open to any student in grades 4 through 8.  Being a member of the Band allows the individual the opportunity to develop his/her own creativity through learning to play an instrument and sharing experiences with others. The band program helps a student develop a sense of self-esteem, commitment, belonging, self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility, initiative, teamwork and achievement.  Band members are encouraged to take advantage of many opportunities to further develop their performance skills, as well as leadership and social skills.  The ultimate goal of the band program is to help students discover and appreciate the value and joy of music, in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life.  Students are encouraged to continue playing music throughout their lives.


  • 4th graders (Beginners) –Mondays and Wednesdays -two 30 minute lessons weekly, during the school day on a rotational schedule.
  • 5th graders (Cadet) – Tuesdays and Fridays -two 30 minute lessons weekly, during the school day on a rotational schedule.
  • 6th, 7th, 8th graders (Concert) – Thursdays – one 45 minute lesson weekly, during the school day on a rotational schedule.

All students are responsible for following the schedule and being on time for lessons.  Schedules are posted in each classroom each week, and on the web-site under “Band schedule”.  Each student is responsible to make-up any missed school work or missed test for the class missed while attending band.  If there are any problems concerning class or band practice, please communicate with the Band Director – 353-1229 x 248 or


  • Jazz Band meets on Mondays at 7:20 AM
  • Concert Band meets on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:20 AM;
  • Band rehearsal STARTS at 7:20 AMEach student should be in his/her chair, ready to play, at 7:20, not arriving at that timeAttendance is taken at band rehearsals.  Band students must report to the band room on band days, even if he/she arrives late for band.  If a student arrives tardy for band, points will be deducted from the student’s grade for that day, and it will be the same as being tardy for school.
  • Beginning Band meets on Wednesday afternoons at 2:05 (during the school day.)
  • Cadet Band meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2:05 (during the school day)


Students should leave their school class about 3 minutes before lesson time.  Students are asked to come to lessons in a group and return to school in groups.  This is a safety factor and less disturbing in the school building.  Students are to be quiet leaving and entering all buildings. Common courtesy is expected at all times, in all places.  In the event that a student forgets his/her instrument, or for some reason cannot play, he/she should still come to band class. There are ways of participating without an instrument.  There is a deduction in the grade for the day when a child forgets his/her music or instrument.



Since Band is considered part of the academics of St. Gabriel School, it is a graded subject like all of the other subjects.  The grading scale is:  Attendance = 20%, Participation = 25%, Practice charts = 15%, Playing tests/concerts = 40%.

Practice charts are dated and should be handed in according to the “due date” specified on each chart. 120 minutes of practice per week is required for a grade of 100%.  Students receive a practice chart at the beginning of each scheduled chart, and the Practice Chart can also be found on the website.


Attendance at all performances is required of each band member. Performance is the culmination of the work done during a Trimester, and the time for the band to enjoy all of the hours of practice.  Absence from a Concert must be totally unavoidable, and the Band Director must be notified in advance.  Please refer to the Band Calendar for all concert events.  Excused absences will result in 20% deduction in the Concert grade and an unexcused absence from a Concert will result in zero for the Concert grade.


  • Concert Band members wear a white tuxedo shirt (ordered through the Band in the Fall); black dress pants; black shoes; and black socks.  The school furnishes the blue cummerbund and tie for each student.
  • Cadet and Beginning Band students wear dark pants or skirt, and a white shirt or blouse.
  • Jazz Band has a polo shirt, also ordered in the Fall, black pants, black shoes and black socks.
  • A student needs to bring his/her instrument and music to each lesson (part of the attendance grade)
  • Instruments need to be marked with a nametag.
  • Music should always be carried in the music folder provided.
  • Supplies such as reeds, valve oil, etc. are available for purchase in the Band room. Information regarding any band event will be sent home, via e-mail, at least two weeks in advance of the activity.  When return forms are requested, prompt return is appreciated.  No student may attend a Field Trip without the written Parent Permission form.  You are encouraged to communicate freely with the Band Director, about the good things that happen as well as the things that need improvement (  The St. Gabriel Band Program belongs to each of us, and it will take each of us to keep it the OUTSTANDING program that it is.


  • The cost of the band program for one child is $300.00 per year and $435.00 for two or more children in the program.  (The Band fees help to subsidize the Band Director’s salary.)
  • There is a “band book fee” of $50.00 per child. This fee pays for the Smart Music program that each child will have at home, and for the Method Book that is used by each child.
  • The Smart Music microphone is an optional fee. Some modern computers no longer need an “outside” microphone. Microphones are $29.95 and are purchased through the band.
  • If you are renting a school instrument, (not an instrument from a music company), an extra $60 for the year will be added to your band fee. If the instrument ensues any damage while in your possession, you are expected to have it repaired and paid for. Please have all repairs done at Nottelmann Music Company on Lemay Ferry Rd.

Joan Miller (bookkeeper) will send you a bill at the beginning of the Trimester, all Band tuition is paid to “St. Gabriel School” or “St. Gabriel Band”.  Due dates are the same dates as the “end of the Trimester”.