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St. Gabriel the ARCHANGEL

Weekly E-blast

March 29, 2017

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A Note from the Principal

Dear families,

For the past two days, I had the opportunity to serve on a Visiting Team for Immaculate Conception of Dardenne’s School Improvement Plan.  Each elementary school in the Archdiocese goes through a School Improvement Plan every seven years.  The first two years are a time of gathering of information, reflection, and goal setting.  During the second year, a Visiting Team (comprised of representatives from the Catholic Education Office and administrators and teachers from various schools) visits the school for two days to evaluate the School Improvement Plan they created.  Then in years three through seven, the school implements the plan.  The School Improvement Plan process is an important component of a school’s accreditation with the state of Missouri.  The School Improvement Process is also an opportunity for a school to reflect on their successes and prioritize areas of growth in their Catholic Identity, Educational Issues, and Institutional Issues. 

We are currently in our first year of our School Improvement Plan.  The Archdiocese gave us a couple of years as a buffer since Mrs. Wendell was an interim principal for a year, and Ms. Gintz and I were just getting settled last year.  As part of the first year, we will be collecting feedback from all of our stakeholders.  One component of this is a parent survey.  You can expect to see it in the next few weeks.  Your participation and the information you provide is critical in helping us determine our areas of strength, as well as our areas of growth.  We appreciate each family taking the time to complete it!  During year two next year, we will form committees to continue our work on the plan, and next spring we will have a Visiting Team come evaluate our plan.  These plans are a big undertaking.  As a result, most of our professional development days as a staff will be dedicated to the School Improvement Plan.

Announcing Fund-a-Need at the 2017 Auction (formerly “Paddles Up!”)

One big commitment we are making as a school in preparation of our School Improvement Plan is acquiring a new Science Curriculum!  If you have not heard, this year’s Fund-a-Need proceeds will help us continue down the path of providing our students with a 21st century education by implementing a new science program for all of our students from kindergarten to eighth grade.  We have been piloting the MySci science curriculum from the Institute for School Partnership at Washington University.  “MySci equips elementary school teachers with instructional materials and professional development opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in order to help instill a love of science in students.”  Our students and teachers loved the MySci units they piloted this spring, and we are thrilled to bring the rigorous and engaging program to all of our students next year! 

Click here to read how the MySci program boosts science learning and standardized test scores for Pattonville School District elementary students:

MySci program boosts science learning …p Washington University in St. Louis.pdf

Click here for more information on how you can help fund the new MySci science curriculum at St. Gabes!

FUND-A-NEED 2017 (high-res).pdf

Thank you in advance to all who donate to bring the program to our students!

Have a great evening!

Mrs. Slattery

Upcoming events

March 31st

Career Day

April 6th

BOE “Finance and Future” Meeting at 7pm

April 7th

Jazz Band Trip

April 12-23rd

Spring Break



Cafeteria duty is from 11am – 12:40pm.  The lunch schedule can be found at http://www.stgabschool.org/wp2_root/lunch/.  If you can no longer make your scheduled date, it is your responsibility to find a substitute. 

The following people have lunch duty this week:

Thursday, March 30th– Terri Smith, Andrea Sondermann

Friday, March 31st – Barb Thibodeau, Molly Spowal

Monday, April 3rd – Kelli Uxa, Carrie Green

Tuesday, April 4th – Carrie Wegman, Amy Weston

Wednesday, April 5th – Brett Zolla, Toni Zychinski

Student Raffle for the Auction

Student Raffle starts soon! Tickets go on sale April 3rd during all lunch periods. 3 prize baskets, 1 for each lunch period. $.25/ticket or 5 for $1.00. Proceeds used to purchase items for the auction in the name of our student body. Tickets are attached, you can make copies, they will be in the Wednesday folders, and available during lunch. Drawing on April 7th. NEW this year: fun DAILY drawings! Any questions contact Erin Murphy at schillhahn@gmail.com




BOE Finance & Future Presentation

BOE Finance & Future Presentation _ April 6th .pdf


High School Shadow Policy

If you have a student in junior high, please take a moment to review the High School Shadow Policy from the Parent Handbook:

Eighth Graders will be allowed two shadow days in the first semester of school (August-November).  One day is to be scheduled during a school day.  The other is to be scheduled when St. Gabriel School is not in session, such as teacher meeting days.  The student will be given a letter prior to the shadow day.  This letter must be completed by the visiting high school and returned to the homeroom teacher.

Seventh Graders are to shadow a high school second semester (March –May).  This day is to be scheduled when St. Gabriel School is not in session, such as teacher meeting days.

Students will be marked absent for the day they shadow and will be expected to make up any missed worked.


Weekly Auction Update

Auction tickets are selling fast and tables are almost sold out.  Tickets can be purchased now at www.bipal.net/gabeshavana   As in years past, we will be selling 38 tables or 380 guest tickets.  Tickets are $75 per person, which includes dinner, drinks, and after party. Auction tables seat 10.  When purchasing tickets online, you are prompted to choose your table. If you don’t have a full table, don’t fret.  We will help find your perfect tablemates…just send us a message.

We need volunteers the night of the auction.  You can donate an hour of your time or your whole night.  If you are interested in helping the night of the auction please contact Heather Bachman at hjbachman@hotmail.com.

Be sure to check out the www.bidpal.net/gabeshavana now to purchase both adult and child sign up parties, donate to Fund-A-Need for the science curriculum, or support your child’s teacher through the Teacher’s Wish List.  

BidPal: Welcome


Who: Havana Nights: What: Annual Dinner Auction: Where: St. Gabriel the Archangel : When: April 29, 2017: Attire: Island Attire: More Details


2017 SLHNA Scholarship

The St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association will be accepting applications for the 2017 SLHNA Student Award for scholarship, leadership and service in school, church and community.  Three one-time scholarships in the amount of $600 will be awarded. 

The eligibility rules are: 

  1. The applicant must be an 8th Grade student.  The scholarship award is for the freshman year of high school only; it is non-renewable.
  2. The applicant may apply on his/her own behalf or be nominated.
  3. The application must be postmarked by the deadline noted on the application.  The deadline is earlier this year:  Monday, April 24, 2017
  4. The applicant must be the daughter / son / legal dependent of a St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association member living within the boundaries of St. Louis Hills.  The applicant’s family must have a current history of membership in SLHNA including 2017.

Chairman of the Scholarship Committee is Joyce Bytnar at jebytnar@gmail.com or 314-481-5550. Contact Joyce if you have any questions.

2017-Scholarship application for school principals.docx


Smoothie King

As a special, optional fundraiser for our school, the PFA is offering a Smoothie King Caribbean Way Smoothie Break on Tuesday, April 11th in celebration of Spring Break. The form is attached and all forms with money are due to the office by Wednesday, April 5th.



Volleyball Class with Mrs. Dame & Mrs. Voelpel

volleyball class.docx


St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association Easter Egg Hunt

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association’s annual Easter Egg Hunt in Francis Park!