Welcome to Mrs. Miller’s Kindergarten Class

This week in KM February 11-15

The students had such a fun time designing, building, and redesigning their galimotos. They put a lot of effort into making sure their galimotos would move using a push and some even a push and a pull.

Our Star Student is Celie.

Reading We will listen to some fun Valentine stories and discuss the characters, setting, and plot of the story. 

Phonics We have begun Unit 3 Word-Part Power. This unit will focus on using word-parts to make many CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words. Word-Part Power is the power to use vowel-consonant rimes to generate more and more words.

Snap Words I have listed all of our Snap Words on my other post. The next set of words we will be working on are: boy, girl, friend, dog, cat, sat, man, ran, sit. 

Writing  We will begin our next unit called Writing for Readers. This unit will focus on students writing true stories and writing so readers can fully understand their work. 

Religion  Chapter 19 Jesus Wants Us to Love We will discuss ways we can tell others we love them and ways we can show others we love them. 

Math We will begin Chapter 9 Identify and Describe Two-Dimensional Shapes

Vocabulary words-circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, curve, corners, sides, vertex, vertices, sides of equal length,

Weekly Reminders

The Sock It To Cancer socks should be turned in on Tuesday. Please have your child return the socks even if they are not making a donation.

Please bring Valentines and Valentine boxes to school on Wednesday or Thursday.

KM will be a nut-free classroom, which includes foods that are processed in a nut facility. Please be sure to check labels.This is for snack time only. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Miller