Welcome to Band Class

Welcome to BAND.

Things are well underway.  Smart Music information has been sent out. Remember that once you download Smart music onto a computer, you can then download it on any computer or iPad that you have, and your child can access his/her Smart Music from any machine.  You do not need a separate account for each machine.   Any difficulty throughout the year, please call:  1.866.240.4041 between 8:30 am and 7:00 pm M-F.

If there is any difficulty with your child and school work, please contact me 353-1229 X 248 before you decide to remove your child from the program.

This is a class like all other classes.  If your child is having difficulty with math, you don’t take them out of the “English class” to concentrate solely on math.  So, don’t remove your child from band just because he/she is having difficulty with another subject.  Sometimes band is the only “relief” of the day and allows the mind to explore and expand in  a different way.

Please look at the Band Calendar for important information for the year.

The weekly band schedule will be posted on this site, along with the Practice Chart that each child should be keeping.